Look below the photos for an idea of how we can help with Handwriting and Typing, for a happier more successful child!


Certified Handwriting Without Tears ® facilitators, experienced preschool, special needs teachers, public school typing and computer instructors work together to give your children the foundation skills they need to have successful and confident school and life careers. To learn more about Handwriting Without Tears ®  go to www.HWTears.com  


Located in 44121 Harry Byrd Hwy, Ste 275 in Ashburn VA Hands In Motion is on Rt 7 (Harry Byrd Hwy/Leesburg Pike) at the intersection of Claiborne Parkway and Rt 7, near the Community Church and at the other end of the building from the Coney Island Diner.


Stress Free, Fun learning! Take the mystery out of communication. Hands In Motion, LLC provides instruction in the valuable life skills of handwriting, typing, educational computer skills, PreK math concepts and hand/arm/body and balance exercise.  

Public School Give Back Program

Hands In Motion believes that economics should not make a difference in a child's education. If your school has a child in need of remediation for Handwriting or computer skills but cannot afford the therapy required, notify your principal and ask them to contact us. Hands In Motion will put that student through remediation at no cost, until the child is communicating legibly. (up to 3 full programs)