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Keyboarding is Critical to Success in School and Life

NBC News4 visits Hands In Motion to uncover the gap between kids’ typing skills and school requirements 2014

Texting & Gaming does not equal typing & computer skills!

Texting & Gaming does not equal typing & computer skills!

Many parents see their kids gaming and texting not realizing they do not have the basic typing and computer skills they need for success in school! Virginia’s standardized tests now require keyboarding proficiency by 4th grade while much of the SOL must be input via keyboard in 5th grade. This means your child will need to be able to log in, open a file, find a file, and save their work as well as keyboard with enough ease to be able to focus on the content they are writing. The stress of testing and operating an unfamiliar computer system can negatively impact your child’s performance as well as causing them to lose confidence in their abilities.

What’s a parent to do? Share this brief quiz with your child to determine the exact level of their typing and computer skills:

1. Can your child type with more than 1 finger?
2. How well does your child type (consider speed and accuracy)?
3. Does your child complete computer assignments on time?
4. Is your child frustrated when using a computer to produce school work (not games or texts!)
5. Can your child save a file, use a USB, and format a simple report?

If the answer is ‘No’ to two or more questions, improving these skills will have immediate and positive impact on testing and classroom work (no more panicked calls asking you to email the file!) Younger children (2nd – 5th grade) excel at real keyboarding when given the opportunity to learn. Hands In Motion has a complete computer lab and classes are tailored for all ages and abilities. Many rising high school seniors and college freshmen experience lost time and frustration when they realize their typing skills are not what they need to carry them through the many note taking and paper writing exercises they face. Hands In Motion also runs classes designed especially for seniors whose very existence can be dramatically improved with basic computer skills to pay bills, order medications on line and resist scams that prey on the computer confused. Please visit our Keyboarding Pages to learn more or contact

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