Keyboarding is Critical to Success in School and Life

NBC News4 visits Hands In Motion to uncover the gap between kids’ typing skills and school requirements 2014 Many parents see their kids gaming and texting not realizing they do not have the basic typing and computer skills they need for success in school! Virginia’s standardized tests now require keyboarding proficiency by 4th grade while much of the SOL must [read the full post...]


Computer lab ready to go!!

Ok, so this is really exciting. I have been wanting to start this program for a long time but the county didn’t have the room I needed to have it there and other places didn’t have the resources. But at Hands In Motion we have both and the lab has 12 new computers with a top notch printer, ready to [read the full post...]


Wow! Signs!

We have signs on our windows now! It’s very exciting. The students are enjoying watching things come together and are eagerly awaiting the opening of the computer room. I have to say that I am too! Summer will be so much fun watching everyone come and go in the different classes. 


Working out the kinks!

Hello all! Our office is open for individual students that do handwriting with us but the rest is still coming along! We should have our software loaded up soon so typing classes will be ready to go! Mrs.Crissman and Mr. Stevenson are hurrying me along so they can play in there. Eric Ballard our exercise/therapy guy has run through his [read the full post...]

Hands In Motion – Quips and Quotes

Welcome to Hands In Motion. On this page of our website is where you will find interesting information about handwriting, computer skills and physical exercise as it pertains to communication. Our staff at Hands In Motion come from a wide range of backgrounds and knowledge and will post not only articles that may be of interest, but also observations and [read the full post...]