Fall Festival takeaways for Fun learning at home

This very hot weekend Hands In Motion visited the Brambleton Fall Festival. We had a wonderful time meeting many new faces and seeing quite a few familiar ones. We enjoyed speaking with all the parents about handwriting and typing while their children played with the chalkboards, beads and bolts and washers we had out on the tables. Many parents were surprised how hard it was to pull them away from the chalkboards!

Hands In Motion instructors

China & Melissa rock!

Children are very task oriented and creative. When faced with something they can learn and do by themselves adults are always surprised at their attention spans. The instructors at HM are always thinking of new ways to steer that focus to build fine motor skills and problem solving, two very important skills for communication in handwriting and typing.

Here are some tasks you can give your children to build those skills at home:

  • Shaving cream! spray a little shaving cream onto a cookie sheet. Make it a challenge to only use their pointer fingers to draw different shapes.
  • The hardware store is a wonderful place! Stop in and pick up 10 different sizes of bolts with washers and nuts that fit. Get them large enough so they wont frustrate your child. throw them all in a box and let them sort them up – when they get good at that, time them to see how fast they can do them all.
  • Wheelbarrow races! Remember this as a kid? Have the child lay face down on the floor. Lift their legs so that they are supporting themselves on their straight arms with fingers pointed forward. Now get walking! If they keep their fingers pointed forward this is a great strengthener of the wrists, hands and fingers!