Curious About Cursive

Handwriting - siblings

Curious About Cursive -

After completion of 2nd Grade

Curious About Cursive is for students with a firm grip on writing words and simple sentences. Lessons work on letter formation, sentence writing, letter and word spacing and punctuation. Fun and inviting activities form good handwriting habits and develop strong writers.

This approach will address correct writing posture, pencil grip and helping hand placement. We will be learning correct starting points for letters as well as proper placement on baseline. Students will learn to sign thier names in script.

We will be working with the book “Cursive Handwriting”. We will also be using a journal and HWT writing papers. Most of these materials are available for purchase in the lobby if you would like to work at home with your student.

**choose this program IF

  1. Your child is in second grade or above (over 8 -years-old).
  2. Your child is familiar with spelling words and printing sentences comfortably.
  3. Your child is aware of spatial and directionality terms (top, bottom, corner).
  4. Your child can pay attention to your words and visual demonstrations, and follow directions.
  5. Your child is able to work at a table for 15 minutes or more.
  6. Your child recognizes all letters and numbers.

Our instructors are familiar with many special needs and have developed creative and fun ways to help students learn to write and express themselves with confidence.

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