Get Set For School!

Get Set for School

Get Set For School!

Ages 4 to Kindergarden

This approach starts your rising kindergartner on the path for school! Using comfortable and fun learning techniques your child will have a working knowledge of directions (top, bottom, corner), cooperation, taking turns, and listening. We will work on forming correct pencil grips, good sitting posture, paper positioning, letter and number recognition, and writing names with correct line placement and sizing.

Becoming comfortable with these skills before kindergarten allows your student to focus on the school experience with confidence and excitement.

We will be working with “My First School Book”, as well as some handouts from “Letters and Numbers For Me”. We will use preschool pencils, block paper and Flip Crayons. We will also use a slate chalkboard and chalk, and wooden pieces with mats to build letters on the floor. Most of these materials are available for purchase in the lobby if you would like to work at home with your student.

**choose this program IF

  1. Your child is at the Pre-K age (four- to five-years-old). 
  2. Your child needs to develop the fine motor skills for holding a crayon or pencil.
  3. Your child is still learning prepositions and directionality terms.
  4. Your child can pay attention to your words and visual demonstrations, and follow simple directions.
  5. Your child will sit at a table for 5 or more minutes.
  6. Your child does not yet write many letters or numbers.

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