Handwriting Without Tears ® Individual


Handwriting Without Tears ® Individual.

Kindergarten age and up – Evaluation required

Children of all learning styles and ability levels learn to write neatly and efficiently with Handwriting Without Tears® at Hands In Motion. Handwriting becomes a natural skill and students can focus on content of their work rather than the physical act of writing. Handwriting success fosters student pride and interest in learning. Children who write well enjoy school more and perform better in all subjects. After an evaluation your student will be involved in one or more programs of Handwriting Without Tears® as suggested by your specialist. A program of HWT consists of 8 – 30 minute sessions. Each 30 minute session will identify and address any difficulties your student may be experiencing.  This process makes handwriting much easier and more understandable, creating a more relaxing learning experience.

Please note! No matter what writing style your student is learning at school, HWT is compatible with all and will not confuse the child. The simple vertical and unadorned style of print of HWT is developmentally easier to learn. In addition, HWT uses multi-sensory teaching strategies that appeal to all styles of learners and child friendly, consistent language in all grades. Class will meet twice a week, every other day or every day according to the needs of the parent and the specialist. Program will not be taught any less than twice a week.

Parent may need to purchase a book – $12.

8 session program – $275

Call to register 571-612-5544

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