I was having a thought about typing (lol, yes it hurt)

I was talking to our computer group (Mrs. Crissman and Mr. Stevenson) about the current approach to typing. I hope someone knows some of the background and can pitch in to the conversation (go to facebook page Hands In Motion) because I would really like different points of view.

My thought was that touch typing was developed as a means of making COPIES. Not for creating thoughts, papers, stories or any other free flow products, but to make more than one original thing from a handwritten document. But that has changed dramatically.

NOW – we think on the keypad. We use our computers to capture original thoughts and write papers and do many other things. I see children, teens and adults texting or chatting on thier devices and thier fingers are flying as they communicate not only thier information but emotions as well. Fast. Easy with no thought, because they were looking at the keyboard. Then we put them in front of a computer to learn to touch type and they stall – why?

So my question was, “Why touch typing?” Why can’t they look at the keyboard? We have spell check and formatting and templete options the original typists couldnt dream of – why dont we just use them? Wouldnt they learn faster? Be more comfortable? At first I got blank stares…uhhh…hmm…

Then a torrent of information came pouring out and this is what I learned.

Touch typing is like a language. You learn it from the beginning slowly and it evolves into eleoquent effortless communication. Yes, you can learn it on the fly by looking at the keys and using only a few fingers – but if it were language the difference would look like this:

Without education – “i don see why i should learn dat no how”  or with education – ” Is it really nessassary that this should be a part of my early education?” Hmm, which one would YOU like to work with?

Yes. It’s important. It may be slow at first. Your typing skill may suffer for a bit by going slower with more mistakes, but after you learn it properly and the muscle memory is there in your hands you have a valuable life skill. A skill that gives you a step up from those who learned to type with one or two fingers while staring at the keyboard. A touch typer can capture more information faster and with more confidence. Not having to think about where the keys are can free up the mind to focus on a lecture or framing of thoughts. So lets teach it. Lets learn it. Lets get ahead – or (for some of us) just keep up!

I learned something and I am proud to be able to help others to get ahead with this important skill.

Written by touch typing – Kely